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Quality. Trust. Service.

These are the core tenants that PPE UK Supplies is founded on. Our clients depend on us for the full spectrum of personal protective equipment, including face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer bottles/ stands, surgical gloves, full-body suits, protective goggles, screen shields, and antibacterial wipes.


Your business is our mission. By providing top-tier supplies, we enable businesses to safely sustain their operations. As a result, our clients are able to provide continuous service to their customers while upholding compliance with industry-specific regulations.


Our reputation is founded on integrity. Not only do we hand-select each and every product within our inventory, but we conduct quality assurance checks before each shipment. Our clients take confidence in knowing that their staff members will be provided with nothing but the best from PPE UK Supplies.


Located in the heart of Bristol, PPE UK Supplies is comprised of experienced team members who embody the highest levels of attention-to-detail, customer-service, and know-how. They each take an oath of service to provide top-notch expertise to our customers. By working with our team, you can rest easy knowing that you will enjoy an accurate and streamlined shipment, every time.


Are you a lab-based research company that depends on PPE to conduct tests? We have the products you need. Perhaps you are a restaurant owner who wants to ensure his or her staff has a steady supply of face masks and gloves? We have the solution for you too. Or maybe you own a manufacturing company and need to guarantee the safety of your floor team? We are here to serve you as well!


Do you have a business that requires PPE, but aren’t sure if our product solutions are right for you? Our honest and experienced team can provide you with a custom assessment to determine the best way we can serve you. Our contact page is an excellent way to reach out.


Not only are our products at PPE UK Supplies competitively priced, but they meet regulatory standards for businesses across the full spectrum of industries, including medical, industrial, and food-service. Our success is measured based on the success of our customers. Ultimately, we believe in the power of meaningful and long term partnerships. While delivering high quality products at affordable prices, we always find new and innovative ways to go the extra mile for our valued customers.



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