Our Customer Commitment

Our staff are committed to promoting the visions and values of our organisation and to delivering the standards contained in this policy.

A customer is anyone who comes into contact with PPE UK Supplies  and includes: suppliers, couriers, members of the public, members of staff and contractors.

Our Key Customer Service Objectives

  • To ensure that all public contact with Tiger Supplies, from hearing about our business to receiving their goods is met with the highest standards

  • To provide clear and efficient lines of communications to all

  • To be active in the promotion of customer feedback, listen and respond accordingly and monitor standards

  • To exceed customers expectations and encourage repeat visits

  • To be an example within the supplier trade for excellent customer care


Whilst we take great care to ensure that we provide all our services efficiently, courteously and to a high standard, we accept that complaints may be made. A complaint is a valid expression of dissatisfaction and however it is made, by email, telephone, letter or verbally, we will investigate it and use it as a means to improve our standards of service.

Customer Satisfaction

PPE UK Supplies will develop methods of receiving customer feedback to determine levels of customer satisfaction in terms of standard of service received. Methods for this purpose include customer satisfaction questionnaires and post-transaction telephone follow-ups.

Service Standards

Tiger Supplies service standards are designed to:

  • Be measurable, with set performance targets which can be reviewed

  • Stipulate the exact manner on which staff should behave in dealing with customers

  • Incorporate training that would ensure that staff understand completely what is expected of them in terms of customer care

This customer care policy will be reviewed annually or as deemed necessary.